Bespoke Weddings. Stylish Events.

Unique Celebrations.

We are a humble bunch, who pride ourselves on our personal approach and our attention to detail.  We are honoured to be a part of people's events and genuinely really love what we do.


When I wasn't sure what my next steps should be, I used the experience I gained working for ten years in design and advertising to set-up Enchanted Garden Events.  What began as a little company geared towards hosting family parties has grown pretty quickly and whilst we still host lots of family parties big and small we have been lucky enough to host over 40 weddings since we started and have taken on two new venues this year.  We are really proud of what we've become and hope to continue to grow but as we do we will always keep our family run approach.   


We have built up quite a hefty porfolio of contacts and talented friends and together we can help you put on a great party practically anywhere.  We have superb local caterers that we are lucky enough to call our friends and we can provide a fully stocked bar with all your glass requirements, hand picked wines, premium bottled beers, local Ales, local Cider and local handcrafted vodka.  


We can help you distill you thoughts, focus on your vision and then source everything you'll need, down to the smallest detail.  Whether it's a humanist celebrant, some pretty cut flowers, all manner of fair-ground rides, a couple of lifesize flamingo statues, or a few model cows, an original Bingo machine, old school typewriters, vintage glass vases, reams and reams of festival bunting or fairy lights, festoon lighting and MASSIVE illuminated LETTERS...the sky is pretty much the limit, we are more than happy to help.


We'd love you to use our venues but we aren't precious.  We are more than happy for you to use one you've found, if you prefer.  We can transform any setting really, there's no need for extravagent budgets.  All you need is that sense of what you want to you want the day to feel and how you want your guests to feel...a mere notion of the impression you want to create is a great place to start.  Then you talk to us and we can do the rest.   


So if you've got something in mind no matter how grand or bijou...if you would like to find out how we could help you bring it to life...please just click here to get in touch.